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Borneo Diaries Day 3

January 17, 2010

18/12/09 Kota Kinabalu and surrounding islands

It certainly does.


And also thus:

TOUT MAN: Hi Guys! Welcome to Pulau Mamutik! Can I interest you in a number of overpriced and strenuous activities? We have a special this month on ‘being dragged behind a large inflatable banana’.

US: No thanks.

TOUT MAN: You’re sure I can’t interest you in our world famous ‘put on this silly hat and walk on the seabed?’

US: No thanks, just gonna do some snorkelling (indicating gear hired for this purpose) and lounging on the beach.

TOUT MAN: Ah. Just snorkelling. Okay. No kite surfing?

US: Nope. Just snorkelling. And the aforementioned lounging.

TOUT MAN: Oh well. Maybe next time. The best snorkelling is over that way.

US: Thanks

TOUT MAN: Be careful of stone fish

US: Yeah we wi… what?

TOUT MAN: Stone fish. Be careful of those.

US: Stone fish? Like the ones that…

TOUT MAN: Yeah they’ll kill you. And  watch out for Jelly fish. It’s their breeding season right now.

US: …and Jelly fish. Got it.

TOUT MAN: And sharks. You PROBABLY won’t see those. Still.

US: Uh okay. So this way then?

TOUT MAN: Yep, that way. Take a brochure. Enjoy!

Actual dangers we weren’t warned of:

1. Monitor Lizards*

2. Skin Cancer

Fig 1. This exact thing happened to Sarah. Minus the dog and the inappropriateness.

*Okay, probably not very dangerous (unless you are a snail, small insect or crocodile’s egg.) But not to be trusted either. Wikipedia says they can count.