A Milestone

So this is it, after 28 years and a journey of several thousand kilometres, I have finally attained the ultimate state of ‘New Zealandernessism’.

I have joined a Rugby Club.

The Bahrain Rugby Football Club to be precise.

Granted, its only so that I can gain admission into the British Club, and use their pool and drink their cheap Guinness, but its still enough to make a man want to put on some stripey socks and pose with my arms crossed while Dave Dobbyn blares in the background; whipping myself into a frenzy of angry drunken disbelief every time my chosen group of men in tight jerseys fails to beat another group of men in similarly fitting garb in the contest of falling over at a designated place whilst carrying a ball.

Or something. Clearly I’m not good at this.



2 Responses to “A Milestone”

  1. Ezra Says:


  2. blarsen Says:

    Take the legs. Cant run without them.

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