Indignities recently forced upon me by the Anheuser-Busch corporation:

That’s right. FORCED.

Part one of a something something something beer.

1. Offering only one choice of ‘beer’ at the Wailers concert. (Budweiser)

2. Charging 2 Dinars for the privilege of choking down a lukewarm can of said beverage

3. Giving me a bud light when they ran out of the non-light variety, and not telling me so.

4. Putting ice in the aforementioned light ‘beer’.

5. Selling me a half dozen or so of those when they knew FULL WELL that the Bahrain Marathon Relay was the next day. (Okay that one was probably my fault.)

The Wailers were pretty good and I was able to take my shoes off and dance bare foot in the sand, as is the custom in my island home. Only one of them looked like he could’ve been over the age of 30 which was a little odd.

Perhaps its a franchise now.


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