Why I probably won’t keep a blog in Bahrain

Or “Lies I have told on the Internet – Part 1”

Reposted from a message board I’ve been known to frequent:

Typical Day in China: Oh hey its like 20 degrees below zero and look at that guy with no face and why is that man yelling at that chicken and oh great some new kind of noodles that are pretty much the same as the last ones I had and what the fuck did I just step in HAHA FUNNY SIGN

Today in Bahrain: I bought an Italian suit then I went to the Ritz-Carlton where lovely gentlemen from the sub-continent waited on me hand and foot speaking impeccable english while I gorged myself on the varied cuisines of the earth and no one got even a little bit drunk but I guess I had a few coffees?

Doesn’t really have the same ring to it.



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